Preparing for Hazardous Materials

When reporting a spill, give:
  • Location (including room number if inside a building)
  • Name of material (description, if qualified to do so)
  • Injuries
  • Your name
  • Department and phone extension


All spills must be RECORDED (in a spill log) and some must also be REPORTED to regulatory authorities. Fill out departmental hazardous materials spill log and also report all hazardous material incidents to SRJC’s Environmental Health and Safety Department at (707)527-4803.

Steps to Take
  • Clear the affected area at once. Seal it off to prevent further contamination.
  • If you are contaminated by the spill, avoid contaminating others. Remain in the vicinity at a safe distance. Obtain first aid and cleanup by specialized authorities at once.
  • In the event of a gas leak, stop all operations and leave the building immediately.
  • Do not switch lights or electrical equipment of any kind on and off.
  • Electrical arcing may trigger an explosion!
  • From another building or remote location, call 911 and District Police at (707)527-1000